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Microsoft Buyout Of Activision Blizzard

The European Commission, the European Union's competition regulator, has announced that it has pushed back the provisional deadline to rule on Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The ruling is now set to release on April 25.


Windows 11 is finally getting a modern audio mixer

Microsoft is bringing a modernized audio mixer to Windows 11, and Windows Insiders are getting an early peek starting today. Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 11 build 25309 to Insiders in the Dev channel, which includes this new audio mixer, along with improvements to voice access and color management.


The Future of Data Integration

Data integration has significantly evolved since data became centralized in data warehouses and lakes. ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) has replaced ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) by making analysts autonomous at getting access to the data they need in those warehouses.


Cyberspooks Need Big Data Portability, Too

The problem of how to effectively move and manage large amounts of data is one that impacts all organizations of a certain size, including U.S. Government agencies working in cybersecurity. Now a new partnership between two software companies could ease the big data portability problem when it comes to test case repeatability for the government cyber pros protecting our nation¡¯s digital pathways.


Fivetran data integration platform embraces private deployments, AWS GovCloud

Data integration major Fivetran today expanded its platform with new private and AWS GovCloud deployment capabilities. The company also said it plans to bring the data replication capabilities of its acquisition HVR into the Fivetran portfolio for on-premises, or local, data processing.


The next big threat to AI might already be lurking on the web

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning experts are warning against the risk of data-poisoning attacks that can work against the large-scale datasets commonly used to train the deep-learning models in many AI services.


Microsoft gives Bing's AI chatbot personality options

Microsoft has quickly acted on its promise to give you more control over the Bing AI's personality. Web services chief Mikhail Parakhin has revealed that 90 percent of Bing preview testers should see a toggle that changes the chatbot's responses. A Creative option allows for more "original and imaginative" (read: fun) answers, while a Precise switch emphasizes shorter, to-the-point replies. There's also a Balanced setting that aims to strike a middle ground.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Making It Easier To Scout Soccer Players Overseas

When Yaya Tour¨¦ first moved to Europe in 2001, it was only possible because of the personal connection between his youth team ASEC Mimosas and Belgian club Beveren.

12 March 2023

Bazel Day 2023 on

Join in on the after party fun, where you can participate in an exciting quiz, and hear from our speakers and emcees immediately following the event!

18 Live

Google Open Source

In the previous video, Mitch Connors quickly pivoted traffic to his rating service to help mitigate latency issues experienced by customers. In this episode of Learn Kubernetes with Google, Mitch explores a new version of the ratings app to see if it solves the service¡¯s latency problem. Watch along and learn as Mitch mirrors traffic to the service without risking any user traffic.

9-12 March 2023

SCaLE Conference 2023

The SCaLE conference mission is to create educational opportunities for open source. This year¡¯s conference features seven speakers from Google, as well as many speakers who have participated in Google¡¯s open source contributor and mentoring programs. Connect with us at the 20th year of the volunteer-organized conference in Los Angeles and see how open source has grown!

18-21 March 2023

KubeCon and CloudNativeCon EU 2023

KubeCon and CloudNativeCon EU 2023 celebrate achievements in cloud native computing. Join us in Amsterdam to learn from each other and build community. Google is a proud sponsor of the conference and the Dan Kohn Scholarship!